Monday, May 25, 2009

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Mood board for my design , mostly in wooden style and classical feel..

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Executive Summary

This project is to redesign the website for The Ship ( A steak restaurant ), the color mode of the enterpage is absolutely different with the mainpage color mode .This is not consistant and will make visitors feel like it has no connection between this 2 pages.There are some moving images at the bottom of the page and the mainpage seem to be incomplete due to the large spaces that is blank at the edges. The content of this page is just using around 45% of whole page. It would be better if the spaces being used increase up to 80%.

Besides , for the menus , it is not well looking with the words that out of the boxes. The words should be well managed in a grid system inorder not to spoil the neat feeling.This website provide a lot of details for the sea food and steak to the users so that user will be able to have more opinions for the steak , enjoy the environment like they themself will be impressed with the timely recreated likeness of a sea-going vessel.

As a conclusion , the color mode need to be enhance and the spaces need to be re-organize inorder to bring out the feeling which visitors will feel comfort and enjoy browsing through this website.

Current Site's Analysis Goals

The background color of every pages can be change to another color , whether black or dark brown will do. Compare to this color , this dark red color not really making sense that show this is a steak restaurant, and this color is too plain by not having any color tones. And by right , the copyright supposingly putting in following the grid but obviously this copyright is not following the grid. Therefore it is not comfortable look.

For the "About Us" page , there are too many words being used as it would make users feel boring reading through and it would be better if most of the content are formed with images. This is because due to researches , most users nowadays like to see more images rather than text. So , by using more images it will increase the amount of users to browse this site.

Besides , for the menus , it is not well looking with the words that out of the boxes. The words should be well managed in a grid system inorder not to spoil the neat feeling. For the menus part too , the usage of delicious food images can be added more inorder to attract the users. Overall the color used was very dead and need to change to more energetic color to make overall site more "alive".

Client's Analysis

Mr. Foo Hee Hoon who is the person who started The Ship and other partners almost single-handedly took on the formidable challenge to start The Ship restaurant (The Ship), opening at Jalan Sultan Ismail what was later to become one of the many more outlets all over Malaysia.

Besides,Mr. Foo Hee Hoon was then together with his equally talented wife and their hand-picked chefs were on hand daily to serve up a wide variety of the tastiest western food from the choicest and freshest ingredients, which had patrons returning for more. This eventually gained The Ship the reputation of serving The Best Steak In Town, which essentially was the great food, well served under a unique decorative setting and on top of that all prices are value for money. The unique exterior of its restaurant resemble an almost life-size hull of a ship, and on stepping inside one will be impressed with the finely recreated likeness of a sea-going vessel.

In the face of growing competition, The Ship not only confidently hold on to its own premier position but has since expanded further with 5 more outlets at strategic locations, and more are being planned. More importantly, each of these outlets has proven a tremendous success story in its own right.

The booming economy in the late 1980s contributed to Malaysia consumers expecting more than a good meal alone, so The Ship introduced live musical entertainment to its selected outlets, bringing in the concept of wine, dine and be entertained. Customers' response was nothing short of fantastic, and musical entertainment has since become a favourite, regular part of The Ship.

Short and Long-term Site Goals

The redesign reason for the website is to enable this website to last for a long time , inorder to reach this goal , there must be some changes from the current design to attract more users to visit this site again and again . Firstly , the layout should be change to a more comfortable look with a great grid system. The color mode need to be change to a more alive color and this enable users to feel warm and following the grow of the site.

More than that , the latest promotion of current site need to be enlarge so that it would be easier to grab user's attention. More images can be use to replace those text because too much usage of text will make the users feel bored.

Target Audience

Due to The Ship that is a steak restaurant , so the range would be a huge area , no matter what is the ages of customer , they still be able to have their meals in The Ship restaurant. The prices also affordable .

So , for those users who interested , they can browse through The ship's website first to get more information before they go. Mostly for them who log on to this site is to get their newest promotion and prices or location. So this would be convenient for the users , they can just rely on the website.

Monday, May 18, 2009


This site is wonderful with the old style feeling that it brings. The color mode making the whole website look elegant. For the music part , it making visitors perfectly drop into the feeling which is a traditional chinese style mood. The layout is following the grid and overall it make all things look neat and perfect.


This site is well with its color. It makes visitors feel warm and comfortable , enjoying visiting this website. The music is not too hard , it is soft enough to let the visitors to follow all the way the music brings. The layout is quite nice with no plain boxy which make visitors bored.